What Are Hairballs, Exactly, and Are They Really Normal?

If you’ve never seen or heard a cat hacking up a hairball, you might be pretty shocked the first time you experience it. Without a doubt, the sight of a cat all scrunched up, leaning over, and trying to bring something up can be quite alarming.

While cat hairballs are really common, they aren’t always 100% normal. It’s up to a discerning cat owner to know the difference between ordinary hairballs and worrisome ones.


Oh, No! Litter Box Issues That Can’t be Ignored

Cats are simply amazing animals. On top of all their incredible personality traits and physical abilities, they instinctively gravitate toward litter boxes for all of their bathroom needs. Unlike dogs who must be let outside or walked around the block to inspire bowel movements, cats conveniently use a spot that’s designed just for them.

Until they don’t, that is. While there are various reasons behind litter box issues, the bottom line is you don’t want any of them sticking around for long!


Cat Care:  You Get What You Give

cat careCats are notoriously self-sufficient, but that doesn’t mean all you feline fanatics out there get a free pass. More and more, we’re understanding the value of prevention; many diseases and problems are preventable or better treated early in their progression.

Good cat care relies on a strong wellness plan.  Luckily, The Pet’s Place Animal Hospital knows just how to help you start building a foundation of health for your feline friend.

Getting Physical

Examining your pet on a routine basis is probably the most important part of a good wellness care plan. A simple physical can tell us so much about your pet’s overall health.

Remember, an animal’s physical condition can change quickly. One year in your pet’s life is equal to roughly seven in a human’s life, so frequent exams are important.