The Bite that Burns: Rattlesnake Safety for Pets

rattlesnake safety for petsHere in California, snakes are a part of life. Thankfully, many of our native species are harmless, albeit a little disconcerting to find unexpectedly. We do, however, host several species that we need to be on the lookout for in order to keep our families safe.

The Pets Place Animal Hospital knows that rattlesnakes and pets are not a good mix, and pet owners need to know how to prevent problems and handle the situation should an exposure occur. Rattlesnake safety for pets is an essential part of responsible animal ownership in this region.

Why a Bite Matters

Rattlesnake bites can have some very serious consequences. Many times, a bite is “dry”, meaning that no venom is injected into the bite recipient. If the snake injects its venom into the tissues during the strike, though, it begins a serious reaction in the local tissues. Rattlesnake venom disrupts the normal structure of blood vessels leading to severe swelling, blood loss, and shock.

In most cases with pets, we don’t witness the bite or even exposure to the snake. This means that it is up to us to recognize signs that a bite may have occurred and act quickly.