6 Essential Ways Pet Grooming Keeps Your Pets Healthy

6 Essential Ways Pet Grooming Keeps Your Pets Healthy

6 Essential Ways Pet Grooming Keeps Your Pets Healthy

A national survey conducted a few years ago shows that about two-thirds of dog owners understand that grooming can positively impact their dog’s health. However, only 37 percent regularly take their canine companions to a professional pet groomer. 

Is Grooming Necessary for Pets?


Many pet parents assume that grooming is unnecessary, which is unfortunate. It is an essential part of a pet’s overall well-being and health. It means more than keeping your animal friend smelling good and looking cute. Proper grooming can eliminate parasites, decrease shedding, and even help detect some health conditions in animals. 

Maybe your pet does not enjoy the grooming process. If that is the case, consider sending your pet to a professional pet groomer. After all, your animal companion deserves the best as a member of your household.

Some of the ways pet grooming can keep your pet healthy and happy include:

Early Detection of Health Problems


When you take your animal companion to a professional groomer, you and your pet will reap many benefits. One of the most important benefits is that expert grooming is a great way to discover pet health issues. 

A professional groomer will look for inflammation, rashes, lesions, lumps, and other issues. Early detection of a health problem will lead to a shorter, more effective, and more manageable treatment process. 

Pest Prevention


Regular tick and flea prevention is vital for busy pets. Since they spend a lot of time exploring outdoors, they tend to pick up nasty pests from other pets and the environment. Some pest infestations are challenging to eliminate. That can lead to frequent re-infestation of your pet and home. So, besides using regular preventive treatments, you should groom your pet as frequently as possible.

Healthy Coat


If you want your furry friend to maintain a beautiful and healthy coat, make regular brushing and grooming routines a priority. Besides helping maintain a healthy coat, grooming strengthens your bond and reduces mats in your pet’s fur. Left unaddressed, mats can cause ulcers, abrasions, discomfort, and pain.

It Stimulates the Circulatory System


Professional pet groomers usually combine bathing services with pleasurable and healthy massages. These will relax your pet and ensure they are comfortable. The massages will also help stimulate your pet’s circulatory system.

Preventing Painful Complications


Things can turn ugly when you leave your cat’s or dog’s nails untrimmed. For example, your pet’s nail can tear off or break, which can be extremely painful. Also, untrimmed nails can get so long that they grow back or curl into the pet’s paw. Besides being painful, this can result in split claws and other complications. 

Good Oral Health for Better Overall Health


Oral health is essential for pets; veterinarians recommend brushing your pet’s teeth at least once a week. This will reduce the risk of cavities, gum disease, tooth absorption, and other health conditions. Better breath is a plus. 

A consistent grooming routine can help keep your pet healthier, happier, and prettier. It will also mean a cleaner and healthier environment for your family and a stronger bond between you and your pet.

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