Healing, Growth, And More: The Benefits Of Laser Therapy For Pets

laser therapy for petsMost people have a basic idea of what a laser is, but few of us are aware of its many functions and uses in modern medicine. Unlike other sources of light, a laser allows an intense amount of energy to be focused in a specific area, and when it comes to bodily tissues this energy can prove to be healing and restorative.

The use of lasers in both human and veterinary medicine is becoming increasingly common. Laser therapy for pets offers an elegant way to treat conditions that were once only manageable by drugs, surgery, or not at all.

What Is Laser Therapy For Pets?

The Pet’s Place is one of only two veterinary practices in our area specially equipped to offer cold laser therapy for pets as a method of reducing pain and inflammation and promoting healing.


That Sounds Off:  Pet Heart Murmurs

pet heart murmurs“Has anyone ever told you that Fluffy has a heart murmur?” …This question is one that causes many pet owners to feel a little woozy, but isn’t always as scary as it sounds. Pet heart murmurs are a common diagnosis and one that The Pet’s Place Animal Hospital wants you to understand a little more about. Read on to learn the basics about this important topic.