Forgetting Something? Halloween Pet Safety Made Easy

Forgetting Something? Halloween Pet Safety Made Easy

Forgetting Something? Halloween Pet Safety Made Easy

Whether it’s the search for the best Game of Thrones costume, or the pursuit of the spookiest Halloween cookie recipe, we can definitely get a little distracted from our normal routines this time of year. Coast to coast, we immerse ourselves in as many as seasonal offerings as possible.

The Halloween festivities are all in good fun, of course, but our pets don’t know that. Even the most even-tempered pet can get pretty freaked out by all the noise and confusing decorations. A mindful approach to Halloween pet safety is not only critical for your pet’s well being, it’s important for yours too!

Safe at Home

Many pets simply cannot handle Halloween parades or neighborhood trick or treating. Instead of exposing them to traffic, unpredictable, confusing noises, and scary costumes, keep them safe at home. A back room away from the constantly ringing doorbell is a good bet. If they’re crate trained, that’s even better.

Treat them to a food puzzle, white noise, fresh drinking water, and loads of praise. Reward them with some exercise/play time and lots of snuggles afterwards. If you think that boarding your pet would be beneficial to Halloween pet safety, please let us know.

The Thing About ID

When pets are stressed or anxious they may respond to a fight or flight instinct. Some pets can also just get overly excited about visiting kids and run into the night. If you happen to become separated from them, their microchip is an added layer of protection. Additionally, be sure they are wearing a reflective collar with a visible ID tag attached.

Halloween Pet Safety

Preventing a pet poisoning is a major component of Halloween pet safety. Chocolate candy is a huge offender, but other sweets high in sugar and fat can be equally dangerous. Be on the lookout for any sugar-free treats, as they can contain Xylitol, an artificial sweetener known to be toxic in dogs.

Candy wrappers, like cellophane and foil, can be choking risks or cause GI obstructions that require surgery.

Reasonable Enjoyment

In order to create lasting memories of Halloween this year (that do not involve a visit to an emergency room), be sure that Halloween pet safety hazards, such as candle-lit jack-o’-lanterns, glow sticks, string lights and animated decor are not part of the evening.

Lastly, while pet costumes look adorable they can present risks to breathing, vision and overall mobility. Please watch your pet closely for any signs of stress or discomfort and never force them to wear their costumes.

As always, The Pet’s Place Animal Hospital is always here to assist you. Please let us know if you have additional questions or concerns about Halloween pet safety.

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