How to Prepare Pets for Boarding During the Holiday Season

How to Prepare Pets for Boarding During the Holiday Season

How to Prepare Pets for Boarding During the Holiday Season

The holiday season can be a fun time to spend with friends and family. But for pet owners, it can be very stressful and overwhelming. 


Interrupting routine can make your pet anxious due to the time they spend away from you. Thinking of boarding them can be daunting. However, you can rest assured they are okay throughout the holiday if you prepare them.


Positive and Quick Departures


Leaving your pet is not an easy experience. You may have gotten used to being close and seeing it every day. You may begin feeling anxious as the boarding day approaches. Unfortunately, pets can pick up such feelings. The ideal way to make it easier for both of you is to stay calm during the days before the boarding date. 


Make their drop off during the boarding date as positive and brief as possible. Try to keep your tears from falling and hide your emotions to avoid upsetting them.


Update Vaccinations


Updating vaccination can be one of the boarding facility requirements. The whole process may seem like a lot, but it is for your furry companion’s friend and all the other pets it will live within the facility. You want to avoid going on holiday and getting a call that your pet is severely sick.


Take your pet to the veterinarian two weeks before the boarding day. Talk to the vet about updating their vaccinations and any concerns you may have. Ensure you take records of their health for the boarding facility to verify.


Update Their Identification Tags


The holiday season can be full of activities, and you cannot guarantee to answer your phone all the time. Thus, it is always ideal that you update your pet ID tag to help in emergencies. Update their microchip if they have one.


Use Familiar Objects


Familiar things make pets feel comfortable even if they are far away from their owners. You want to make your furry companion feel loved and not abandoned. Call the boarding facility ahead of time to know if they can allow you to take some of the favorite things your pet loves from home. 


A few of its toys, favorite blanket, or bed can help them feel closer to home and comfortable away from your care. Do not hesitate to do so if the boarding place allows for such arrangements.


Training and Socialization


Pets that do not meet and mingle with other pets may struggle at a boarding facility. It is essential to do socialization training to help your furry friends familiarize themselves with others so that their transition into boarding can be easy.


Sleeping Habits


Part of preparing your pet for boarding involves adjusting their sleeping habits. It is often hard for them to start sleeping alone in the boarding place if they usually sleep with you on the same bed every night. Thus, help them adjust to sleeping by themselves in the days before the boarding day. Doing so will make it easier for them to learn to have a good night’s rest alone.


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