How to Properly Groom Your Pet at Home, and When They Should See a Professional

How to Properly Groom Your Pet at Home, and When They Should See a Professional

How to Properly Groom Your Pet at Home, and When They Should See a Professional

Grooming is an important part of pet care. The American Veterinary Group advises pet owners to groom their pets at home and bring them to a professional groomer. Keeping your pets clean helps improve their health and keeps them happy. Here are the details that you must consider to groom your pet at home the right way and when you should bring your pet to a professional groomer. 


Pet Grooming at Home

Keeping your pet clean and happy at home is an important routine. It keeps your bond strong. Grooming can also keep your pet happy. Doing this activity the right way will ensure your pet gets proper care. Here are some proper pet grooming tips at home:

  • Bathing your pet must happen at least once every three months. It should be more often if your pet spends most of the day outside the home. Pets with skin conditions must bathe more often as well. Your vet can advise you on how often you should bathe your pet. 

You should be careful not to spray your pet’s eyes, nose, and ears. After rinsing, squeeze the water from your pet’s fur. Dry your pet well with a large towel. Pat the coat dry following the direction of the fur. Rubbing in circles will produce knots that will be difficult to remove later.

  • Brushing can keep your pet’s fur healthy and clean. The motion spreads the natural oils and prevents matting. Matted coats prevent proper blood circulation in your pet’s body. If you let matting take over, your pet’s skin will develop irritation and wounds. Brushing keeps your pet’s coat irritant-free and shiny. It also allows you to check your pet’s coat for external parasites. 

  • Cleaning your pet’s teeth can prevent gum disease and tooth loss. It can help detect other diseases. Bad breath in pets can be a sign of a gum infection or digestive issue. Brushing at least two to three times a week can help keep your pet’s mouth healthy. 

  • Trimming your pet’s nails is an important part of grooming. A good sign it’s time to trim is when you hear them tapping on the floor whenever they walk. Another sign is when you see their nails getting caught on the carpet. Remember that not all pets like to have their nails trimmed. You can comfort them and wrap them in a towel to help them feel secure and safe. 


When to See a Professional Groomer

Professional grooming schedules differ from one dog breed to another. Short-haired pets can see a professional groomer every four to six weeks. Long-haired pets need to see the groomer every six weeks or more often than this average. For a double-coated pet, the groomer must remove the undercoat every eight weeks. This will allow the skin to breathe better. Silky-haired pets must see the groomer every four to eight weeks for a haircut. They should also bathe more often. This will keep their oily skin clean and tidy. 

Grooming your pets the right way at home and scheduling their professional grooming can help them stay happy and healthy. For more on pet grooming, visit The Pets Place Animal Hospital at our Riverside, California office. Call (951) 684-2181 to schedule an appointment today.

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