The Benefits of Training Your Dog

Training Your DogWhether you just adopted a new puppy or have been with your older dog for a while, basic training is a key component of pet happiness. The benefits of training your dog go beyond having a well-behaved canine friend; it also provides your pet with exercise, staves off boredom (which can lead to undesirable habits), and strengthens your bond.

The Pets Place Animal Hospital is here to share some thoughts about different types of training and how to get started off on the right paw.


Beware the Fronds: Palm Toxicity in Pets

palmSpring is just around the corner, and for many of us, that means that garden and landscape planning has begun in earnest. Whether you are an avid vegetable gardener or ornamentals is your thing, the onset of warmer weather is a truly exciting time.

Pet owners have more to think about than simply what and where to plant our vegetables, flowers, and greenery. Many plants commonly found in and around the outside of our homes can pose a risk of poisoning to our furry friends, including the popular sago palm. Sago palm toxicity in pets is a serious problem, but education and prevention can keep your pet safe.


She Ate What?! Foreign Body Surgery in Pets

Can you believe what your pet will eat? They aren’t picky eaters, that’s for sure! In fact, it’s common for pets to eat toys, string, articles of clothing, and even sticks or rocks. This dietary indiscretion can be more than just strange and annoying, though. If objects can’t pass through the digestive tract, they can cause obstruction, perforation, and even death.

A foreign body surgery is an emergency procedure to remove an object that’s obstructing normal digestive function. Luckily, The Pets Place Animal Hospital is here with tips on what to do if your pet samples something they shouldn’t.


Celebrating 2017 and Reflecting on Our Pet Care Blog

What is it about New Year’s that gets everyone so excited? Apart from closing a year that’s had its share of ups and downs, facing a new one allows us to dream up new possibilities. We consider changing our weight, diet, style, politics, hobbies, and general approaches to life toward the end of every year.

In order to truly make changes, however, we must look back at the previous 12 months. What worked, what didn’t, how can we manage change and be more successful? For us, everything we learned and accomplished is on full display in our pet care blog. We write about what’s relevant or meaningful to us at the time, and our valued readers give us feedback with every scroll, click, like, and share.


The Most Wonderful Gift of All: Helping Shelter Pets this Holiday Season

helping shelter petsIf you love a pet, there are so many reasons to give thanks for them. Their unconditional love, endless enthusiasm, and happy companionship are only starters when it comes to the gifts pets bestow upon those who love them. In fact, you and your pet may have just about everything you need to stay content, cozy, and well.

This year, why not share the blessings you and your pet enjoy with shelter pets! Helping shelter pets can go a long way in making these deserving pets happy and healthy. And there are so many ways you can lend a hand! Check out some of these great and meaningful ways to spend the holidays.


Top of the Wishlist: Holiday Pet Safety You Can Count On

The weeks between Halloween and New Year’s are arguably the most meaningful, dazzling, and fun, but that doesn’t mean we get to simply sit around and watch the holidays go by. Instead, we’re all booked solid with parties, shopping, gift exchanges, and cookie swaps. In the midst of all this frenzy, what is a pet to do with themselves? Without a proper nod to holiday pet safety, they could find themselves in danger.

First, the Food

The spotlight during the holidays is, of course, aimed at the endless varieties of food covering every possible surface. Many pets ignore the sheer volume of goodies, while others are overwhelmed with all there is to see, smell, and sample.

The foundation for all other holiday pet safety hinges on food awareness. In general, do not allow your pet access to the table, kitchen, or garbage can. Without rapt attention to your pet’s location, their proclivities for savory yum-yums could qualify them for a bona fide pet emergency.


Healing, Growth, And More: The Benefits Of Laser Therapy For Pets

laser therapy for petsMost people have a basic idea of what a laser is, but few of us are aware of its many functions and uses in modern medicine. Unlike other sources of light, a laser allows an intense amount of energy to be focused in a specific area, and when it comes to bodily tissues this energy can prove to be healing and restorative.

The use of lasers in both human and veterinary medicine is becoming increasingly common. Laser therapy for pets offers an elegant way to treat conditions that were once only manageable by drugs, surgery, or not at all.

What Is Laser Therapy For Pets?

The Pet’s Place is one of only two veterinary practices in our area specially equipped to offer cold laser therapy for pets as a method of reducing pain and inflammation and promoting healing.


Cat Care:  You Get What You Give

cat careCats are notoriously self-sufficient, but that doesn’t mean all you feline fanatics out there get a free pass. More and more, we’re understanding the value of prevention; many diseases and problems are preventable or better treated early in their progression.

Good cat care relies on a strong wellness plan.  Luckily, The Pet’s Place Animal Hospital knows just how to help you start building a foundation of health for your feline friend.

Getting Physical

Examining your pet on a routine basis is probably the most important part of a good wellness care plan. A simple physical can tell us so much about your pet’s overall health.

Remember, an animal’s physical condition can change quickly. One year in your pet’s life is equal to roughly seven in a human’s life, so frequent exams are important.


That Sounds Off:  Pet Heart Murmurs

pet heart murmurs“Has anyone ever told you that Fluffy has a heart murmur?” …This question is one that causes many pet owners to feel a little woozy, but isn’t always as scary as it sounds. Pet heart murmurs are a common diagnosis and one that The Pet’s Place Animal Hospital wants you to understand a little more about. Read on to learn the basics about this important topic.


Friendships, Fun, and More: The Benefits of Doggie Daycare

doggie daycareSocialization, the process by which your dog learns how to live peacefully in human and animal society, is an extremely important component of pet ownership. Properly socialized dogs are more confident, happier, and pose less risk to others and to themselves. Dogs who understand the social cues of humans and other dogs can respond appropriately, are easier to control, and thus able to enjoy a wider range of experiences with their human family members overall.

Much of your dog’s socialization happens naturally as you move throughout life together, but in today’s hectic world many dogs end up without adequate time and energy spent on this important aspect of life. Doggie daycare can be enormously beneficial in shaping and enhancing a dog’s social skills while also providing valuable exercise and entertainment.

What Is Doggie Daycare?

It wasn’t too many years ago that the term “doggie daycare” would have been met with blank stares, and possibly even an eye roll or two. Nowadays, many pet owners turn to daycare services to provide their dogs with companionship, exercise, and fun during the day, rather than have them sit alone at home while everyone is at work or school.

At a doggie daycare, dogs typically spend time in a cage-free environment, interacting with other dogs under the supervision of trained staff members. Depending on the facility, dogs may be indoors, outdoors, or both, and may spend part of the day interacting with other dogs and part of it in a kennel or run by themselves.