Royal Treatment: 5 Ways to Pamper Your Pet

Royal Treatment: 5 Ways to Pamper Your Pet

Royal Treatment: 5 Ways to Pamper Your Pet

Isn’t it nice to get an unexpected treat or surprise, or something we choose to do as an act of self-care? Our pets also deserve a little surprise and added attention and adoration every now and then. If you have been wondering how to pamper your pet, you are in for a treat! We are devoting this blog to ways you can give your pet some extra TLC, just in time for the holidays. 

Here are the top 5 ways to pamper your pet from the team at The Pets Place Animal Hospital.

5 Wonderful Ways to Pamper Your Pet

You don’t have to break the bank to give your pet some attention! Here are some awesome ways you can spoil your pet.

  1. Buy your pet a designer gift – From designer coats to amazingly designed toys, top-of-the-line beds, or a special backpack with their name on it. There are so many extravagant gifts for pets out there, but most of us shirk the thought of luxury for our pet friends. Go for broke and find a really cool, quality item for your bestie. They’re totally worth it (on occasion, anyway).

  2. Give your pet a massage – Your feline friend knows what it is like to have that extra few minutes being petted. And a dog will lounge for hours on its back when they get that awesome belly rub. Look into how to massage your cat or dog (there are several instructional videos on YouTube). If you don’t want to be a pet masseuse, consider hiring a massage therapist for pets

  3. Provide more enrichment – If your pet’s toys are old news, why not donate them and invest in some new challenging puzzles and interactive games? Treat dispensing puzzles to help your pet overcome any pent-up energy by keeping them focused on a task. Agility training can be used for high-energy and working breeds, by setting up a course in the backyard or basement. Look for toys that enable you to be a part of it, like laser pointers, fetch games, feather toys, and other interactive games. 

  4. Go on a pet-friendly vacation – What’s better than a midwinter vacation in a nice, tropical location? There are many vacations designed to be pet friendly and accommodating. Check out some pet-inclusive vacations online, or speak to a travel agent. Look for lodging that offers areas to walk with your pet or other perks. Plan on going to a variety of spots that will be fun and interesting to your pet companion (as well as safe). Don’t forget to take pictures!

  5. Plan an afternoon together – Take some time, which we all know comes at a premium, and devote it to having fun with your pet. Store the cell and devices elsewhere and go on a walk, to the local gourmet pet bakery or enjoy some sightseeing at a favorite spot. For your kitty companion, spend the day grooming, or engaging in interactive activities, and then treat them to some tuna or other favorite snack. All pets love to just be with us, so this is an invitation to slow down and relax with your four-legged friend. Put distractions to the wayside and enjoy being chill and relaxed with your sweet pet.

We live busy lives, so it’s always a good idea to assess how much attention you have been giving your pet and how you can better provide quality care and exercise.
If you would like more suggestions for pampering your pet or would like to schedule an appointment, please call us.

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