No Magic Wand? Real Life Pet First-Aid

A dog with a bandage on his wrist.

There are few things worse than a pet emergency. The animal is scared, in pain, and defensive, and if you’re neither calm nor prepared, the situation can go from zero to sixty in a hot second. Without a doubt, having the right tools can make all the difference (it also helps to know how and when to use them). Putting together a usable pet first-aid kit is easy, relatively inexpensive, and part of responsible pet ownership.


Feed a Cold, Starve a Fever: Colds in Pets

If your cat has been coughing or your pooch sounds a little wheezy, you may be wondering if your animal friend can catch a cold. Before you make a drugstore run for some Nyquil, read on to learn what the team at The Pets Place Animal Hospital want you to know about colds in pets.

The Common Cold

Most of us have caught a cold at some point. Colds are an upper respiratory condition typically caused by a virus. There are hundreds of viruses that can cause colds, but in people the most common culprit is the rhinovirus.