Itchy Business: Allergies in Pets

allergiesFew of us escape some form of seasonal allergies in our lifetime – from runny noses to watery eyes, allergies are a common problem for people. You may also be surprised to learn they’re just as bothersome for our pets. Allergies in pets can be caused by a number of (mostly) harmless allergens, including certain types of food, mold, and pollen.

When allergies are an ongoing problem, many pets can suffer discomfort and even be at risk of health complications as the immune system is overloaded. Unfortunately, allergies don’t always get treated until problems occur because they manifest differently in our furry friends.

To help owners spot allergies in their four-legged friends, The Pets Place has tackled this scratchy malady.

Types of Allergies in Pets

Like us, pets can experience an allergic reaction to many different substances, airborne or otherwise. Among dogs and cats, the following types of allergies are most common: