The Best in Pet Summer Gear

The Best in Pet Summer Gear

The Best in Pet Summer Gear

Aside from fresh, cool water and patches of inviting deep shade, what does your pet really need to thrive during the summer months? There are loads of available products that enrich a pet’s summer experiences, but equally important are items that enhance their safety. But with so many items to choose from, how do pet owners determine what’s good, necessary, or a waste of time and money? Don’t worry: we’ve got you covered with our five favorite options for pet summer gear. 

On the Water

Many pets enjoy water sports or recreating near bodies of water. It’s not only super fun, but can mitigate the effects of the sun. However, in order for water play to reach its full potential, it’s critical to outfit a pet in their very own, snug-fitting life jacket, or personal flotation device (PFD). There are many to choose from that reflect your pet’s personality and style, but the bottom line is that this pet summer gear safeguards them from the many risks associated with swimming, boating, and exploring. 

Made in the Shade

We mentioned shade because you really cannot underestimate its value during the hottest hours of a summer day. That being said, however, sometimes there just isn’t any shade available. With a portable shade or “pup-tent,” you can provide options for your pet to escape the rising temperatures. Tents, like this one, are easy to carry, set up and break down. Get one today and reduce your pet’s risk of heat stroke.

Bad Bugs

You’re probably already on top of your pet’s parasite prevention medication to protect them from the negative impacts of fleas, mosquitos, and ticks. On top of their routine medication, you can reduce their exposure to parasites with pet-safe bug spray. One of the most important options of pet summer gear, you can also benefit from having fewer pesky bugs around your best friend.

Treats Always Welcome

Your pet probably loves treats, but have you offered them frozen pet treats yet? This DIY treat kit will inspire you to create delicious summer treats for your pet. Not only satisfying to their taste buds, but packed with hydration. During the hottest summer days of the year, you might have challenges keeping your pet cool and comfortable, but indulgent frozen treats can hit the spot.

Cool and Chill

To round out our list of pet summer gear to stock up on, we recommend purchasing some cooling items. Whether you choose a cooling collar, jacket, or pet bed, these items help regulate their temperature when panting alone can’t do enough. While affecting the risk associated with high heat, these items also reduce restlessness and agitation often linked to discomfort.

Pet Summer Gear

There’s no doubt that the summer months are full of fun, but they can also be risky to our sensitive pets. We hope you are able to make use of our recommendations. Please call us at  (951) 684-2181 with any questions or concerns. Our staff at The Pet’s Place Animal Hospital is always here for you!

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