The Best Pest Control Around Pets, and Some DIY Alternatives

The Best Pest Control Around Pets, and Some DIY Alternatives

The Best Pest Control Around Pets, and Some DIY Alternatives

Pet owners love animals, but that doesn’t always mean we want to live with spiders, ants, slugs, and rodents. Instead, we want to carefully manage populations of these pests on and around our property. Not only is it good for our house, lawn and garden, but pests have the potential to make our pets very sick.

But how can you ensure that whatever products you use are safe for your pets? Check out our guide to pest control around pets for the most effective tactics.

Join the Club

Most have us have problems with insects in, under, above and around our homes, especially this time of year. It makes sense to question how to go about controlling pests while keeping our pets safe from dangerous chemicals.

From Their POV

Baits (especially pellet type) and traps can inadvertently attract pets to them, potentially exposing them to poisons and highly toxic chemicals. Be sure to only place traps or bait stations in areas you know your pet cannot get to, such as the crawl space. 

A secondary danger is that your pet will hunt, kill and potentially eat prey that have eaten poison, increasing the risk of a toxic episode

Read Labels

If you’re able to take on pest control yourself, be sure that whatever products you bring home are clearly labelled “pet safe”. This designation depends on how the product is used. 

Spray applications, even if safe for use around pets, should really only be used when your pet is safely within the house or away from home (like at the groomers or our boarding facility). The label should indicate when an area can be made available for pets, usually this is around 1-2 days, or when the application fully dries. 

Always store pest control products off the floor, in cabinets with sealed doors. Be sure to remove dead or poisoned pests in a lidded trash can.

Don’t Forget

Do you have standing water on your property? Mosquitoes have probably already scoped it out and have laid their many, many eggs. They are not only super pesky bugs to have around, but they can carry and spread heartworm disease to our beloved pets. Be sure to drain standing water, and investigate other ways to mitigate mosquitoes at home.

Other Parasites

Fleas and ticks obviously threaten a pet’s health and wellness. You can reduce the many ways these pests get onto your property by clearing wood piles, cutting overgrown weeds or shrubs, trimming low hanging branches, and cleaning up leaves. Be sure that your fencing and gate systems work well to keep out animals that carry parasites.

Is your pet up to date on all their vaccinations and parasite prevention medications? If not, please let us know.

In Your Favor

Luckily, there are many commercial companies to choose from, some of which promote gold-level standards for pest control around pets. Using safe sprays and other products, they can help you reduce bugs while maintaining your pet’s health. Find out exactly what they plan on using. Call their references to ensure they’re reliable and reputable.

DIY Pest Control Around Pets

Many pet owners swear by the use of diatomaceous earth for getting rid of certain bugs. Others believe that spraying bugs with soapy water does the trick. You could also look into making natural pest control around pets with basil, citrus, garlic, mint, and bay leaves and cloves. Similarly, bacillus thuringiensis is a naturally occurring bacteria found in soil that can control insect populations.

If you have further questions about your pet’s safety and well being this summer, please let us know. We’re always here for you at The Pet’s Place Animal Hospital.

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