The Time Is Now: How to Help Your Pet Cope In These Uncertain Times

The Time Is Now: How to Help Your Pet Cope In These Uncertain Times

The Time Is Now: How to Help Your Pet Cope In These Uncertain Times

The tacit agreement between pets and their people is to care for one another, deeply, for as many years as possible. 

While it can sometimes feel like an uneven relationship; while you handle all of the daily care, in addition to their long-term needs, it’s really your pet who does the heavy lifting – especially these days. 

With each stress-filled day, your pet has been there for you during these unprecedented times, offering peace, comfort, and unconditional love. With everything they do to help you cope, you may be wondering how can you help your pet cope with the changes of right now?

I’ll Be Your Mirror

Our pets can sense when we’re happy, sad, excited, or nervous, and react in kind. They intuit and absorb our emotional states, and become a mirror of sorts. To that end, they’re just as worried, confused, or upset as we are. 

Unfortunately, pet owners may currently find fewer reasons to embrace their previous lifestyles. While many pets can be content to hang out at home with their favorite people, day in and day out, it may not benefit every aspect of their health and well being. As a result, we encourage you to make the most out of the extra time you have together.

Get a Job, Dog!

Many pets, especially dogs, really thrive when they work. 

Training your dog to obey commands, demonstrate obedience, and perform tricks is an excellent way to spend time, and can really help your pet cope with uncertainty.

Stay on Schedule

The most straightforward way to help your pet cope with change of any kind is to maintain their daily routine. 

Keep meal times consistent (yes, they can tell when you’re late!), provide regular bathroom breaks, and offer ample opportunities to get outside for some exercise and play time. Maintaining your own mindset of normalcy can go a long way toward ensuring they are calm, relaxed, and comfortable.

An Issue of Space

A few months ago, pet owners were concerned about crowding their pets at home in the middle of the day. Indeed, the effects that the lockdown had on everyone were serious and long-lasting. Now, as we re-position ourselves for various stages of re-opening, we are worried about leaving our pets alone for longer stretches of time.

It is important to give your pet space throughout the day. Without any opportunities to cultivate a comfortable relationship with their own company, pets can easily develop clingy behavior. Training them to spend time alone is crucial to their confidence and well being. If you have concerns about their behavior, please let us know.

A Word About Pet Socialization

We live in our little bubbles right now, but when it becomes a safe option for you and your pet, we offer doggie daycare. Give them a chance to mingle with their besties, while giving you both a break from the routine. This is also a great option for when you return to school or work. 

Love Can Help Your Pet Cope

One of the best parts of pet ownership is playing or exercising together. And you know what? It’s quite possibly the easiest, most effective ways to help your pet cope with the emotional upheaval that we’re all feeling right now. It’s good for you, too!

If you have questions or concerns about your pet’s emotional or physical health, our staff is  always here for you at the Pet’s Place Animal Hospital

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