The Benefits of Training Your Dog

The Benefits of Training Your Dog

The Benefits of Training Your Dog

Whether you just adopted a new puppy or have been with your older dog for a while, basic training is a key component of pet happiness. The benefits of training your dog go beyond having a well-behaved canine friend; it also provides your pet with exercise, staves off boredom (which can lead to undesirable habits), and strengthens your bond.

The Pets Place Animal Hospital is here to share some thoughts about different types of training and how to get started off on the right paw.

Puppy Training

Perhaps one of the best known forms of training is puppy training. New puppies are so exciting! However, it’s important to have consistency from the whole family when deciding on how to train your puppy. We can help you start the process during your puppy’s wellness visits, but for more tips, read on.

  • Be consistent. Positive reinforcement is the training philosophy we recommend, and it’s important that everyone knows and understands how to use the techniques you choose. You want to create an atmosphere of trust and predictability for your puppy, which makes it easier for them to know and follow the rules of your home.

  • Attend a puppy class. An easy way to bond with your puppy, learn the basics, and maintain consistency is to attend a puppy training class. Take the whole family! Puppy classes can teach all of you how to take your pup outside to the bathroom, sit, stay, and come when called. They also give your puppy the benefit of socializing with other puppies and become well adjusted members of your family.

  • Puppies are learning all the time. Remember that puppies (and really, all dogs) are learning all the time – not just in puppy class! So again, consistency, working as a team, and having fun will yield a well-behaved and happy friend for life.


The goal of a socialization training program is to have a confident, outgoing pet who isn’t shy or aggressive. You always want your pet to have good experiences around other pets, new places, and new things. Therefore, take your puppy or new dog with you, and plan safe outings. Keep them close at first, and make sure you provide reassurance without giving your pet the message that being fearful is necessary.

With a shy cat, positive reinforcement training can also help them become more relaxed and confident around people. This helps your relationship thrive and also ensures you’ll be more likely to spot when something isn’t right. It’s hard to get to know your cat when they’re hiding under the bed! To help, first let them decide when to come to you for attention. Then make every interaction positive, safe, and predictable. Rewarding everyday behaviors can help foster communication and trust.

Training Your Dog is Worth It

Training can benefit puppies, but older pets can also reap the rewards of training. Your dog might love learning something new – many do! Take an opportunity to teach them how to find and pick up their toys, how to wait at the door before rushing outside, or even how to balance a treat on their nose. The effect is the same – mental and physical exercise makes pets happier and healthier. It also gives you something fun to do together!

If you’d like more information or ideas about training your dog, please give us a call. We aim to help you have a happy and healthy pet. We’re happy to discuss how training can help achieve this goal.

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