Warning Signs Your Pet May Need an Emergency Exam

Warning Signs Your Pet May Need an Emergency Exam

Warning Signs Your Pet May Need an Emergency Exam

Situations requiring emergency vet care can occur anytime, day or night. As a pet parent, you must be prepared and know how to identify the situations. Knowing the signs that indicate your pet is in distress can help prevent severe medical conditions. An exam can help identify issues that can be potentially fatal. The following are warning signs your pet may need an emergency exam. 


Sudden Collapse, Fainting, or Unconsciousness 


If your pet faints or collapses, get to the emergency room as quickly as possible. It can indicate an underlying issue such as a heart problem, internal bleeding, infectious disease, anemia, or lung problem. Look out for seizures or disorientation. 


Lack of Appetite, Vomiting, or Diarrhea 


Lack of appetite, vomiting, diarrhea, and unproductive retching are symptoms that usually occur together. They can be caused by toxin ingestion, an infectious disease, or organ dysfunction. The pet will need to be evaluated if the symptoms last longer than 24 hours. 


Straining to Pass Urine or Stool 


If your pet is straining to pass urine or stool, it could indicate a urological issue or a tumor. A bladder stone can cause blockage, causing a urine buildup in the body. Excess pressure can cause bladder rupture or kidney disease. An emergency exam can help detect the issue. 


Inability to Stand or Weakness 


If your pet shows weakness or inability to stand, you need an emergency visit to the vet. Symptoms such as dragging the hind legs or wobbling can indicate a problem with the heart, spine, brain, or lungs. An emergency exam will help identify the underlying issue.


Labored or Difficulty Breathing 


Breathing problems can indicate an underlying heart issue. If your pet is choking or coughing nonstop, it could be due to a blockage in the trachea or an infectious disease. If the coughing produces blood, you need to get to the emergency room immediately. 


Bleeding Mouth, Nose, or Eye


Bleeding is never a good sign. It can indicate anything from a flesh injury to an underlying condition, such as internal bleeding. Trauma that causes bleeding can be painful and requires immediate care. An exam will help detect any internal injuries. 


Excessive Panting 


Unlike humans, dogs do not sweat, and panting is their way of dealing with excess heat. They are prone to heatstroke during the hot weather, a condition that can quickly turn deadly. If you notice your pet is panting excessively, get emergency care. 


Limping or Swollen Limbs


If your pet is limping or has swollen limbs, it could be due to a broken bone or muscle trauma. It could also be due to Lyme disease or an allergic reaction. If it goes on for more than a day, it is vital to get emergency care. An exam will help determine the condition. 


Other warning signs that could indicate the need for emergency care include shaking or whining for no apparent reason. Along with restlessness, it could indicate that the animal is in pain. If you notice any of the signs, call your vet immediately. The vet can tell you if there is anything you can do before you get to the clinic. 


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