Days Full Of Fun!

Do you work all day and come home to a pup full of energy? Sounds like daycare could be the right fit for your furry friend! Dogs need mental stimulation and attention throughout the day. We can help with that!

Daycare provides pets the time to socialize and helps them acclimate to a different environment. Our daycare experts exercise pets throughout the day and give them the attention they deserve! A home away from home! We have two large outdoor play yards where pets are separated by size, age, and temperament so they can safely burn off some energy with their new friends! Daycare gives your dog the benefit of running around in the grass and fresh air!

We pride ourselves on working with pets of all breeds and sizes. If your dog turned away somewhere else for being too shy or nervous, there's a chance we can help. Rest assured, you can call The Pets Place Animal Hospital your new home! Although we offer playtimes with play groups we understand this is not the right fit for all pets. After all, dogs are not one size fits all! Our caring staff will spend one on one time with pets that prefer human interaction!

We want all pets to feel safe in this new environment! To help with this we offer your dog's first day for free! On your pets first day our experienced staff will evaluate your pets temperament and based on this your pet will be placed in the appropriate play group.


To book or for more questions please call (951) 602-5559.

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