Expert Diagnosis, Effective Treatments

Expert Diagnosis, Effective Treatments

Expert Diagnosis, Effective Treatments

When your pet needs a swift and accurate diagnosis, The Pets Place Animal Hospital has the resources to provide answers. Almost all of our diagnostic lab work is conducted in-house. As such, treatments are initiated in a more expeditious manner than that of smaller clinics that must outsource their lab work. Most importantly, our extensive diagnostic capabilities help us maintain or correct your pet’s health and comfort. Our laboratory is one of our most effective tools to promote wellness care because we can quickly detect changes and abnormalities. Below are just a few examples the diagnostic tools we utilize at The Pets Place Animal Hospital:


Our on-site laboratory plays a crucial role in all facets of our diagnoses, from parasite screenings, urinalysis, to blood work-ups. Pre-anesthetic lab work is highly recommended prior to any anesthetic procedure such as veterinary surgeries. With an in house state-of-the-art laboratory system, answers are only a few minutes away.

Digital Radiography

Also commonly known as x-rays, veterinary radiology is a dynamic diagnostic tool that assists in examining potential disease and injury. These images are transferred into a digital format and displayed on a computer screen to provide clearer, more detailed readings.


Ultrasounds are a painless imaging technique used to assess eyes, tendons, muscles, joints and organs. With the help of ultrasounds, we can observe the functions of all these components in real-time, as they happen within the body.

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