Boarding Form

Boarding Form

Boarding Form

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Boarding Policies


To ensure the protection of all animals under our care and to prevent the spread of infectious diseases, boarded animals must be current on all vaccines and have an intestinal parasite screen (fecal examination) within the last six months.

For the benefit of all, your pet will be checked by a kennel attendant at the time of admission. Your pet(s) will be checked for ANY evidence of fleas/ticks or medical issues that may be of concern. If the pet is found with any evidence of fleas or ticks a flea control tablet will be given to the pet at the owner’s expense per pet. If any evidence of fleas or ticks are found on your cat Frontline Flea Control will be given at the owner’s expense per pet (plus tax).

1. FEES:

Boarding is charged on a per night basis, check out time is 11:00 am.
Boarding is charged by Small, Medium, Large and X large. ($37.00- $54.50 per night)
Cat boarding is $33.00 a night and $27.00 for each additional cat.
(No discount if boarded in the same condo)
Medical board fees ($58.50) will apply for dogs and cats which need medical monitoring.
Daily Special Handling fees will apply for pets that have shown aggression during their stay. This means our staff is unable to perform simple tasks for your pets' basic needs to be met.
Boarding pets needing medications daily will be charged $2.80 per day extra.
Professional grooming for cats and dogs is provided at an additional cost (see the receptionist for fees and availability).
All estimated fees (per pet) including medical and/or grooming services will be taken at the time of check-in.


Payment in full is required for accommodation and medical fee(s) estimate at the time of check in.

*Holidays require a desposit for the price of one-night per pet. This deposit is non-refundable if cancellation is not made with a 72-hour notice.


A 72-hour notice of cancellation is required for all boarding reservations. In the event that less than 72 hours’ cancellation notice is given one nights boarding fee per pet will be charged to the owner’s hospital account in which the owner will assume full responsibility for the charges.
*Holidays require a deposit for the price of one-night per pet. This deposit is non-refundable if cancellation is not made with a 72-hour notice.


Small dogs up to 10 lbs. are boarded separately in the Snoopy Cottage.
All indoor accommodations are climate controlled and outdoor accommodations are shaded and equipped with misters. Medium, Large and X-large dogs are boarded in the main boarding facility. Dogs are provided with bedding and bowls. Shared accommodations can be provided upon owner request. Cats are boarded separately in our Kitty Kottage which is climate controlled. Toys and furniture are provided.


Unless other instructions are provided by the owner all dogs are fed Science Diet Sensitive Stomach dry kibble once daily in the morning. Canned food must be provided by the owner. If our canned food is used, additional costs per can will be applied to the total cost of boarding. Dry food is included in the cost of boarding. All cats are free fed Science Diet Feline Maintenance Dry, unless other instructions are specified by the owner. Canned food must be provided by the owner. Dry food is provided in the cost of boarding. Owners can provide their own dry food and treats. ALL FOOD and treats must be brought in an airtight sealed container clearly labeled with pet name(s) and instructions for feeding.


Weather permitting all dogs are put outside during the day and returned indoors for bedtime unless owners specify otherwise. All dogs are exercised 30 – 45 minutes, 3 times daily for elimination purposes. As time permits additional supervised play time in our dog park will be given. Cats are not let out to play but are visited, socialized, and brushed daily by our pet care providers.


Dogs boarding 7days or longer are provided with a complimentary Express Bath before check-out. Express Bath is a Bath and Towel Dry. Full Grooming can be provided for an additional cost when the owner requests and there is availability. Full grooming includes bath, blow out, brush out, hair cut, and if applicable, nail trim and anal gland expression.


In the event of an emergency and The Pets Place Animal Hospital (TPPAH) is unable to contact us at the emergency phone number I have provided, I authorize The Pets Place Animal Hospital to provide any necessary emergency medical treatment the Veterinarian deems necessary for the health and well being of my pet. I agree to pay for all services, treatments and medications rendered. Please initial below: *


Pet(s) will be released to pet owners listed on the account only. If the pet owner anticipates another party/individual(s) may be picking up the pet(s), prior written authorization must be granted to the staff at the Pets Place Animal Hospital. Written authorization will include the individual(s) name, telephone number, relationship to owner, and anticipated date of discharge.

In the event the pet(s) stay extends beyond the anticipated reservation time or any additional service fees are incurred, the owner or party representative picking up the pet(s) will be responsible to render payment in full for ALL additional fees at the time of discharge. Pet(s) will not be released with an outstanding balance. The Pets Place Animal Hospital does not carry balances for services rendered.


The Pets Place Animal Hospital is not responsible for personal articles such as toys and blankets. We do not accept collars and leashes, food bowls and beds. We will provide bedding and bowls. In the event I do decide to leave my pets belongings I understand the staff will make every effort to keep them clean and together with my pet. However, I understand they are left at my own risk. I release The Pets Place Animal Hospital of all liability if they are lost or damaged. WE STRONGLY RECOMMEND YOU DO NOT LEAVE ANY ITEMS. *


I GRANT The Pets Place Animal Hospital, its representatives, and employees the permission to take photographs of me and/or my pets and to copyright, use and / or publish the same in print and/or electronically.

I GRANT The Pets Place Animal Hospital permission to use such photographs of me and /or my pet with or without my name and for any lawful purpose, including, for example, such purposes as publicity, illustration, advertising, and web content.


I voluntarily request that TPPAH board my pets in the same run or kennel. I understand this to mean that my pets will be housed together in the confines of the requested accommodation for the duration of their stay unless problems arise.

I hereby voluntarily release TPPAH, its employees and agents from any and all responsibility or liability arising from injury or damage inflicted by one of my pets on another during their stay.

I understand that in the event of such injury or damage, I am liable for all charges of medical services provided by TPPAH for treatment of said injuries or damage.

I understand that in the event of aggressive behavior directed against one of my pets by another, that the pets will be separated and housed individually for the remainder of their stay. I also understand that I am responsible for any additional boarding charges that may apply to achieve that separation.

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Written PROOF OF VACCINATIONS by a licensed Veterinarian IS REQUIRED PRIOR TO THE TIME OF ADMISSION. Owner given vaccinations are not accepted as proof of vaccinations.

DA2PP: 1YR @ $33.00
Rabies: @ $26.50
Bordetella: @ $33.00
CIV Bivalent: @ $46.50
Comprehensive Fecal Exam: @ $55.00
DRTC: 1YR @ $33.00
Rabies: @ $26.50
Felv: @ $33.00
Comprehensive Fecal Exam: @ $55.00


TPPAH reserves the right to deny boarding services based on temperament evaluation that may deem as unsafe, not in the pets’ best interest or a liability to any pet, or representatives of the Pets Place Animal Hospital.

In the event the pet becomes aggressive, the owner will be notified to pick up the pet. If this is not possible daily Special Handling Fees will apply.

In accordance with CALIFORNIA ABANDONMENT LAWS, TPPAH is hereby authorized to make any necessary arrangements for said animal, unless discharged to the owner or authorized agent within fourteen (14) days of the date that the pet is scheduled to be discharged. I understand that in the event of such arrangement, I am liable for all accrued charges of services rendered plus legal and/or court costs incurred with collection for those services.

Continuous presence of qualified personnel after business hours may not be provided at all times [B&P CODE, 2030 C]


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