Teaching Owners & Training Dogs

Teaching Owners & Training Dogs

Teaching Owners & Training Dogs

Our mission at The Pets Place Animal Hospital is to keep pets healthy and we believe that a crucial component of an animal’s wellbeing is promoting a healthy bond between pets and owners. As part of our extensive array of animal services, we offer obedience classes with a certified professional dog trainer for puppies and adult dogs. When owners train and interact with their dogs, they are learning about each other and establishing a lasting friendship with one another. Owners have the option of participating in basic obedience classes or utilizing private dog training with more individualized attention.

Group Classes

Our most popular class, Basic Obedience, is for puppies learning to be well-mannered dogs. Throughout a 6–8 week course, lessons will consist of teaching basic commands, such as:

  • Sit

  • Stay

  • Come

  • Leash walking

  • Attention on command

“One On One” Program

“One On One” training focuses on areas that need special attention including aggression toward people or other dogs, bad manners, and fence-jumping. Our trainer will work with you and your dog in a private setting to figure out the perfect training program to assist with the toughest behavioral challenges. During this program, your dog will board with us for four weeks and return home on the weekends with “homework.”

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