laser therapy for petsMost people have a basic idea of what a laser is, but few of us are aware of its many functions and uses in modern medicine. Unlike other sources of light, a laser allows an intense amount of energy to be focused in a specific area, and when it comes to bodily tissues this energy can prove to be healing and restorative.

The use of lasers in both human and veterinary medicine is becoming increasingly common. Laser therapy for pets offers an elegant way to treat conditions that were once only manageable by drugs, surgery, or not at all.

What Is Laser Therapy For Pets?

The Pet’s Place is one of only two veterinary practices in our area specially equipped to offer cold laser therapy for pets as a method of reducing pain and inflammation and promoting healing.

During a laser therapy session, the practitioner directs a small beam of laser light toward the affected tissue for 30 seconds to up to a few minutes. The photons pass through the layers of skin until they reach the target area where they are absorbed and interact with the light sensitive regions of the cells, stimulating repair, growth, and a reduction of inflammation to the damaged tissue. The severity of your pet’s condition will determine how often your pet will need laser therapy sessions.

Although many view laser usage as a “holistic” therapy, both human and animal studies have shown that the use of lasers can have significant results in the areas of pain management, surgical healing, and reduction of acute or chronic inflammation.

How Is Laser Therapy Used?

Laser therapy can be used in a variety of ways to support healing and pain relief in pets, including:

  • General pain management (sprains, pains, stiffness)
  • Arthritis/degenerative joint disease
  • Hip dysplasia pain
  • Lux patella pain
  • Post-surgery pain/healing
  • Skin conditions (hot spots, allergies, infections, etc.)
  • Fractures
  • Wounds
  • Nerve injuries

Does It hurt?

No! Laser therapy is not painful for pets, and may produce a pleasant, soothing warmth in the area being treated. In fact, some pets become so relaxed during their laser therapy sessions that they fall asleep!

Don’t hesitate to contact your team at The Pet’s Place Animal Hospital to discuss whether or not cold laser therapy is appropriate for your pet.